OTP Solutions with dedicated Funnel and Routes for Authentications
and transactions purpose.
Open API
  • API based integration with customized script for users.
  • Direct delivery with Tier1 Telco’s ensuring delivery in minimum time.
  • Generate OTP, send OTP and Verify Mobile.
  • OTP API for sending one time passwords to end user for verifying their phone number.
Fail over Handling
  • Delivery of OTP within 2-6 Seconds
  • Ensuring OTP delivery via back up operators, if the primary operator is unable to send OTP in first attempt.
  • Maximized uptime for instant delivery without interruption.
  • Assured Delivery for OTP with global coverage.
Text-voice OTP and Emailers
  • Text-voice OTP and Emailer’s for transactions and authentication purpose.
  • · Services for security alerts, service disruption or disaster tracking.
  • · Send Confirmation messages/ Emails related to order and purchase.
  • · Push SMS - OTP Pins to user phone without any user action
  • Secured Logins without data breaching
Dual OTP
  • Two factor authentication for improved corporate as well as customer facing security.
  • Easy integration with your product/App.
  • Fast track routing systems providing the speed for authentication and verification of transactional information
  • Secured Pins- Deliver OTP’s without any third party involvement ensuring authentified process of transactions and activation of accounts.
Measurable Info graphics
  • Live and historical reporting on panel
  • Analytics on the basis of users, usage and delivery with dashboard.
  • User performance dashboard for review.
  • Real time Summary of OTP Send with delivery status
Pay Per Delivery
  • 24*7 operational and service support
  • Instant resolution of queries over the phone, Email and Chat
  • Dedicated support team for operational issues.