Dedicated and scalable SMPP gateways for reliable delivery
and adaptive routing on outbound network.
SMPP Security
  • Reliable gateways for ensuring no revenue leakage
  • Automatic load balancing in case of unstable or lost connectivity with direct multi-operator connections.
  • Secure IP based and Open Binding with authentication based on username and password
  • Easy DND and Blacklist number management through user panel
A2P SMPP Architecture:-
  • SMS Delivery from application typically a web- app to a mobile subscriber
  • Useful in sending notifications, alerts , banking updates or flight alerts
  • Dedicated SMPP with maximum uptime and delivery.
  • Improved quality for managing A2P messaging
  • Easy Routing rules to get the maximum benefits at low cost routes.
  • Integration with all major domestic and International Operators.
  • Better service routing and delivery .
  • Fast and Reliable connectivity to handle high volume via SMPP for outbound and inbound connections.
  • SMPP server capable of accepting connections from multiple SMPP.
SMPP Info-graphics
  • Real time reporting and analytics
  • user performance dashboard for review
  • Unified error code mapping and live monitoring of delivery reports
  • Exhaustive message analysis based on various criteria viz. Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, account, reseller, source and destination etc.
SMPP scalability
  • Upto 15000 SMS can be send per second
  • Can support thousands of binds/connections using minimal resources and threads
  • High success delivery rates
  • Ensured global coverage with scalable platform to handle global interface requests along with mobile number portability service lookup integration.
  • 24*7 operational and service support
  • Instant resolution of queries over the phone, Email and Chat
  • Dedicated support team for operational issues.